About Us

Our Policy

We are committed to the Health and hygiene of the living beings by providing highly powerful and most economical disinfectant, cleaning and Bleaching agent by way of “ Taj Mahal Brand ” Stable Bleaching Powder”.

Our Company

Bhopal Bleach Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1995 with the aim and objective of manufacturing best quality disinfectant for catering to the needs of Indian and International buyer’s. Within a short span the company has a long list of reputed customers overseas and in India some of them are Defense Establishments, Central & State Governments, Public Sector Undertakings, All India Dealer & Distributor Network.

Our Manufacturing Capacity

  • 01. Bleaching Powder : 4500 MT Per Annum. We are licensee of Bureau of Indian Standards to mark ISI as per IS:1065-1989, Gr-1 & Gr-2.
  • 02. Sodium Hypochlorite Solution : 3800 KL Per Annum. We are manufacturing confirming to IS: 11673/1992, Gr-1 & Gr-2.
  • 03. Hydrated Lime : 10000 MT Per Annum. We are manufacturing confirming to IS: 1540.2/1990, Grade- A, B & C.
  • 04. Ankush : 9000 MT Per Annum. We are manufacturing as per Technical Know How From:- CSR&TI (Central Sericultural Research & Training Institute) Mysuru, Karnataka, Central Silk Board (Govt. of India)Ministry of Textiles. Licensed By: - NRDC (National Research & Development Corporation) New Delhi, Govt. of India.